Voice Call Service Provider Company

Voice Call Service

Voice Call Service is mostly used by many Companies, though it is a most powerful marketing tool. Dikha to Bika also gives prominent Bulk Voice Calling Services in India. Manage your Voice Call Campaign and find good marketing leads.

We live in the world of immediate fantasy where everything is done instantly and quickly. Wondering how fast the world is moving forward? It becomes important to keep your brand in your audience’s mind. There are many ways to promote and advertise your product or brand. Multiple popular SMS services, which are recognized as a powerful marketing tool. Thought SMS services are considered the fastest, Voice call service has gained momentum in the process of promoting businesses.

Key Features Of Bulk Voice Call Service

  • Charged only on answered calls.
  • Voice Calls Delivered only on Indian phone numbers.
  • Same Pricing for landline phones and mobile phones calling.
  • Customized Voice clip.
  • 9 AM to 9 PM Delivery.
  • DND Numbers Filtered.
  • Treated as Marketing Route Gateway.
  • Voice clips need to be provided by the client.

Bulk Voice Call Service Provider Company India

Today, Voice Call Service enables one to send a pre-recorded message to a large group of people. With its simplest process, one can create a message of self that can be sent to many clients databases and keep track records and earn profits. In all, web-based voice calling service is the simplest, fastest and cost-effective way to promote products and services in modern times.

Voice Call Service

Dikha To Bika is one such Bulk Voice Call Service provider which assures highest successful call delivery within minimum time. Any important announcement, alert or reminder information, promotion of social promotional message, business or marketing campaign, can take advantage of our services to send latest offers and updates on products and services.

We assure you the fastest and quick wholesale voice call delivery. With our auto-re-dialing of unsuccessful calls, our unique audio clip uploading and recording service are some of the unique features of the bulk voice call service.

Features of Voice Call Service

  • Advertise your business message quickly to the right audience
  • Target particular audience in various campaigns
  • Business messages are heard in their full capacity
  • Market your products or services
  • Excellent call quality
  • Send reminders to your client base