Bulk SMS Service Provider Company

Bulk SMS Services

The process of sending the message together is called Bulk SMS. Now the question arises when it is necessary to send bulk SMS such as telecom companies to give information to any of their customers. If you want to make marketing promotion of your brand or business then you need bulk SMS. Also, many people want to give an invitation to the wedding function. In such a way, instead of sending a message to a person, in one minute together By SMS a lot of people you can save your time by avoiding the hassle of sending a single message.

Bulk SMS Marketing

Bulk SMS is the most cost-effective. Dikha to Bika is the master of all the various channels that are also available to reach potential customers or keep in touch with existing SMS, Bulk SMS, India is the most cost-effective. Dikha to Bika, a Bulk SMS Service Provider company in India, has mastered customized Bulk SMS services in this offer.

Bulk SMS Service

We provide you the freedom to send 1000 Bulk SMS, India to your target public each moment. With our cheap and consumer-friendly wholesale, we value your respect and trust that you have given us. With our affordable and consumer-friendly Bulk SMS Service Provider Company Jaipur, you will feel better implemented and fully in full control in the whole matter.

Bulk SMS Services

  • Transactional & Promotional SMS
  • Send SMS Alerts
  • Bulk SMS API
  • Sms gateway integration
  • DND & Non-dnd SMS
  • IVR service
  • Enterprise SMS
  • Voice call SMS service
  • Opt-in & opt-out via missed call number
  • Opt-in & opt-out via (Short & Long code)
  • Missed call alert service
  • Virtual phone number
  • Two ways SMS Gateway (Long & Short Code SMS)

Dikha To Bika Bulk SMS Benefits

  • We are still highly effective and responsive specialists for sending a brief message.
  • We guarantee a massive positive result supported by our guarantee.
  • Target specific messages to specifically targeted groups.
  • We can install the Bulk SMS Jaipur facility in our system or with our staff, so that you can concentrate on your main business and get a rich harvest of thousands of inquiries.
  • Dikha To Bika Bulk SMS India System is actually useful for schools, retailers, agents, doctors and hospitals, banks tour / travel companies, hosting and other service providers companies.

Bulk SMS Software Features:

Let us provide you a small and quick snippet of commendable features, which you are going to receive from our end.

  • Manage your Phonebook
  • DND / Non-DND Filtration Available
  • Manage groups of users
  • You can send the message instantly to any user and group.
  • SMS Delivery Report Available
  • Upload Excel Sheet, Notepad File or Comma Delimited File to send bulk messages.
  • Message Templates
  • Customized/Personalize Bulk SMS in Jaipur Feature Available
  • Hindi SMS or Bulk SMS India in any Languages also available
  • SMS Account Expiry & Low SMS Balance Alert