Google Algorithm Recovery

Google Algorithm Recovery

Dikha To Bika is a top leading Google Algorithm Recovery Company offers various services about google algorithm. If you want to get High Search Ranking in google search, then you must also know the Google Algorithm Latest updates and features. Dikha To Bika the best way to resolve Google Algorithm Penalty Services and improve customer business in a better way. Our Expert team of professional monitor clients to prepare your website for the latest upcoming google Panda and Penguin updates.

Google Algorithm Recovery

Identifying Algorithm Penalty

It is very hard to catch the Google Algorithm Penalty as Google Webmaster Tools does not send any notification about this penalty. We start with knowing whether the penalty is caused by Google Panda or Penguin.


In the second step, we also start planning the operation to remove Google algorithm penalty. These penalties are made due to various reason in Google Panda and Penguin. Penguin search for inbound links to the website and Panda target those parts that hinder usability. We have serval ways to solve this problem.

Quick Removal

We modify penalty replacement algorithm on daily basis. This helps our customer in not only raising algorithm penalty but also in recovering the lost ranking. So, you can use our Google Algorithm Recovery Services to remove the Google Algorithm Penalty.

Google Algorithm Recovery

Why Choose?

Experienced team

Our expert has the experience of eliminating barriers and renewing the website through various work methods. He has tested approaches to recover from both Google Panda and Penguin algorithmic penalties.

Personal approach

We have different perspectives for different clients and projects. We provide a special team dedicated to maintaining your website with the penalty of Google algorithm and ensures high ranking in SEO.

Customer support

We understand your business objectives and provide you the best-informed decision to rank top in the constantly changing digital world.

Full transparency

We follow the complete transparency method in our terms and service. Experts work towards keeping clients updated with every step of recovery.

After Google changed its algorithm so often, millions of websites have seen a slip in their Google ranking. Panda and Penguin Update have severely affected the ranking of high-ranking websites.

How do you know that you have been punished?

  • A decrease in organic rankings for target keywords or for your brand’s words/keywords
  • Reduction in Organic Search Traffic or Leads
  • Unable to find your website on Google.
  • You have received an unnatural link warning message in Google Webmaster Tools